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Who We Are

How We Work

We roll up our sleeves, but don’t micromanage. 

We are bridge builders in the community, connecting great companies with great partners.


We want our founders to grow from the experience of building a company.

We operate with a sense of duty to bring new products and technologies into the marketplace, help founders build solid companies that offer job opportunities and add value to the economy. 

We see our investments as Partnerships with Founders to 

realize potential, achieve purpose & generate a return that creates wealth & growth

What We Value

  • Deep and Clear focus

  • Methodical and Targeted Execution

  • Coachability and Transparency

  • Market Milestones Prior to Series A Raise

  • Proven Market with Metrics + Early Revenue

  • Technologies that Fuel Economic Growth

  • Practical Solutions to Current Problems

We'd love to hear from you.

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