DeSimone Group Investments
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DeSimone Group Investments is a family office providing growth funding for early to mid stage companies in the Philadelphia, tri-state region.

About DGI


We support entrepreneurs in their pursuit to build great companies. Our practice involves combining early to mid-stage growth capital with our expertise and mentorship. We assist portfolio companies with high level strategic business planning, while also connecting them with our network of regional sources of support and funding.

DGI's primary investment focus targets the industrial realm and ranges from manufactured products to renewable energies. More specifically, we enjoy products that involve some degree of engineering and that offer solutions to industries that encourage efficiency.

We collaborate with angel funding groups, institutions and Venture Capital firms in our network to bring additional and later stage funding to our portfolio companies.


The DeSimone family has been in business in Southern New Jersey for over 40 years. Michael's father, Tony DeSimone, became the owner of a Cadillac dealership on a small corner lot in Camden. With a love for everything involving small business, Tony attributed his success to "hard work, luck, a good attitude, and timing." Under the guise of his fathers values, Mike DeSimone took over the auto dealerships in 1988, leading the business to become a widely successful landmark that would later be acquired by Holman Enterprises in 2007. By driving the success of his family's business from growth to exit, Michael DeSimone has gained a deep understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur.


In his desire to support entrepreneurship in the region, Michael formed DeSimone Group Investments - a vehicle to propel fellow entrepreneurs and innovators that perpetuate his family's values. DGI seeks to support companies for which we find our team's collective experience to be uniquely relevant.

Our Team


Meidlinger Partners

Meidlinger Partners invests in, grows and develops water technology, product and service companies that have scalable solutions to address the worlds water problems. Many of these problems are associated with cleaning water and wastewater in an energy efficient manner in and treating water and wastewater in order to meet governmental standards.

Mid-Atlantic Angel Group MAG II

The Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Funds I & II, LP (MAG I & II) were created to bridge the gap between angel funding and institutional venture capital funding serving the Greater Philadelphia Region. These member-managed funds provide investors with an opportunity for active involvement in diversified venture capital investments throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland. The funds seek to leverage various public and private funding resources and networks by providing equity capital to seed and early-stage, technology-based, high-growth companies.

Investors Circle

DGI is a member of Investors' Circle, the oldest, largest and most successful early-stage impact investing network. Together with hundreds of angels, venture capitalists, foundations and family offices, we have propelled $168 million plus $4 billion in follow on investment into 269 enterprises dedicated to improving the environment, education, health and community.

New Spring Capital

NewSpring Growth invests in industry transforming, high growth companies across the business services, enabling technology and information technology sectors.

Blueprint Capital Management

Blueprint Capital Management, LLC is a privately owned investment management firm focused on global Small and Micro Cap equities. The firm offers risk controlled active equity portfolio management across style and sector segments of the sub $500 million market capitalization universe. Blueprint offers real-time performance, position transparency and balance information through a relationship with Interactive Brokers.


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